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NSWMTB Rules and Reglations

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1 NSWMTB Rules and Reglations on Tue May 26 2009, 05:50


Exclamation Please read these rules before posting anywere Exclamation

Repeated breaking of these rules will result in the banning of your account
Exclamation Rules on Profiles Exclamation
1. You must have a valid Email addres in your profile at all times
2. No inappropriate usernames.
3. Do not sign up twice if you would like a new account please contact one of the site admins either by PM or EMail.

Exclamation Rules on Posting Exclamation
4. No web addresses in the subject field
5. No posting in CAPS
6. No unnecessary bad language
7. No pornoghraphic pictures, pornoghraphic links or warezs sites, or any other illegal material in signatures.
8. No linking to or posting of pornographic pictures, pornoghraphic links, warezs sites or any other illegal material including copyrighted MP3s.
9. No posting pointless threads or spamming the boards, such as something that can be handeled with the search engine
10. No insulting of other members what so ever.
11. No selling of any illegal goods what so ever.
12. No sexist, racist or homophobic content of any sort will be tolerated. This applies to ALL forums.
13. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and bashing upon them will result in consequences.
14. No selling for mates or buds. There are lots of things that can go wrong, NSWMTB does not want to be responsible.
15. No SMS/TXT type language. Typos are one thing, but you are expected to make an effort with your posting/spelling/grammar.
16. Search first. If you are asking a question on a topic that may have been asked before please search. If your first result doesn't bring up anything refine your search. If it still doesn't yeild any results then post a new thread.
18. Any form of online bullying will no be tollerated. Sure some people will ask some silly questions from time to time, but there's nothing to be gained from bringing them down. Do this and you shoulnd't be suprised to get a permant holiday from NSWMTB.
Exclamation NSWMTB and its staff members reserve the right to edit or delete any topic without notice or reason and to ban any member at any time for any reason. Exclamation
NSWMTB and its staff members do not accept any responsibility for any sale of a product if something goes wrong.

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